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  • How to get to Mompos from Cartagena

    How to get to Mompos from Cartagena

    How to get to Mompos from Cartagena by Public Transport:

    From Cartagena there are various options:

    Door to Door Van: Picking you up from your home, hotel or hostel this service brings you directly to the Casa Hotel La Casona. Cost: $75000. Approximate Journey time: 6 hours.

    Timetable: Your driver will inform you. Contact: Toto Express 310 707 0838.

    Unitransco Bus: This leaves every day from the Cartagena bus Terminal. Price: $50000. Time: 8 hours. Timetable: 6:30 am.

    Collectivo to Magangué and from there a boat to Bodega-Mompós. The collectivo leaves from the petrol station outside the Bus Terminal in Cartagena. price: $40000. Time: 3:30 hours. Timetable: 6:00 am until 5:00 pm. The boat or chalupa leaves when full.

    There is also a door to door service from Magangue which leaves at 4:00am with ABC Limusinas. In Magangue you should catch the chalupa to Bodega-Mompos. Price: $45,000. Time: 3:30 hours. Timetable: 4:00am until 5:00pm.

    How to get to Mompos from Cartagena by Air

    There are charter flights and for more information please contact us.

    How to get to Mompos from Cartagena By Car or Motorcycle:

    Take the road towards Sincelejo, turning off at the crossroads at El Bongo and head to Magangue. In Magangue drive to Yati in order to catch the ferry to Bodega. In Bodega continue along the road all the way to Mompos. Check Ferry times on this page.

    Approximate journey time: 5 hours

    We hoped that help you with information on how to get to Mompos from Cartagena.

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