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  • About Casa Hotel La Casona, Mompos

    Casa Hotel La Casona

    If you look through the guestbook at Casa Hotel La Casona… one thing is clear…

    It’s like staying at home (well as close as it gets).

    Perfectly located in the middle of Mompos, Bolivar, Casa Hotel La Casona has been providing a home to travellers since 1996.

    So pull up a rocking chair, relax and be transported back in time.

    Transport Yourself Back to Colonial Times

    The hotel is a superb example of the colonial styles houses that make Mompos what it is… “a page out of history”. As soon as you enter the hotel, you feel transported back in time as you get immersed into how things used to be.

    The Hotel itself is made up of two houses side by side, and they date back over 200 years. At Casa Hotel La Casona… you’re really stepping into History

    Casa Hotel La Casona, Mompos

    The Owners

    Eucaris and Enrique Alvarez have been running the hotel since 1996. It’s both their personal passion and interest to welcome travellers from all over the world and give them a taste of history.

    “Although we don’t speak every language in the world, The language of hospitality, and making friends is universal”.

    Casa Hotel La Casona, Mompos

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