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  • How to get to Mompos from Bucaramanga

    How to get to Mompos from Bucaramanga

    How to get to Mompos from Bucaramanga by Public Transport:

    Take a night bus leaving from the Bucaramanga Terminal to El Banco (Magdalena).

    Price: $60,000 pesos. Approximate journey time: 9 hours.

    Buses from Bucaramanga to El Banco:

    Cotaxi: 3:30 am. Tel: 6372999

    Cootramagdalena: 5 am, 5:30 am, 8:30 am. Tel: 6373400

    Coopetran: 5 am, 8:30 am, 11 am, 10:30 pm. Tel: 6376100

    You will arrive early in the morning in El Banco. We do not recommend the day time journey to El Banco because after midday there are very few options leaving El Banco to Mompos. And then you will have to spend the night in El Banco.

    In El Banco you should take a 4×4 to Mompos. The price with air conditioning is 35,000 pesos and without is 30,000 pesos.

    A different form of getting to El Banco is to take the boat from Barrancabermeja.

    Approximate journey time: 8 hours

    How to get to Mompos from Bucaramanga by Car or Motorcycle:

    In your car pass San Alberto (Cesar) and take the Ruta del Sola to El Burro (Magdalena) and then take the road to El Banco (Magdalena). In El Banco take the road to Mompos. On this road there are bridges and you do NOT need to take a ferry.

    Recommendation: If you are driving from Bucaramanga remember to leave early since the journey is approximately 7 hours and the state of the road between El Banco and Mompos is largely unpaved and so we cannot recommend you traveling this way at night.

    We hope that helped you with information how to get to Mompos from Bucaramanga

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    The information is subject to change and prices could have increased since this page was last updated. Remember that prices for public transport rise in high seasons.

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